Personal emergency water filtration
No matter what type of situation you run into where there's a shortage of safe drinking water, there is no reason not to have some kind of emergency water filter at your disposal to meet your needs and those of your family. Don't lull yourself into thinking that a disaster can't possibly strike you. No one ever thinks it's going to happen to them. This is a case where you need to prepare for the what-ifs in advance. Putting in a supply of emergency water filters may end up being wasted effort, but if some type of crisis occurs in your area - and it might be as simple as a water main break or other local problem - you'll be ready.

Personal emergency water filtration

One of the options you might like to consider is to buy one or more LifePack Emergency Water Filters. With a LifePack you can produce almost 3 gallons of clean, safe drinking water over a 3-day period. Although this may not seem like a whole lot, it can mean the difference between life and death in a disaster situation. It doesn't matter how dirty or polluted the water source is, the LifePack will remove viruses, cysts, and bacteria to meet EPA standards. Since this system uses no chemicals, you won't end up with water that has a funny taste. You can see why NASA and the U.S. military make use of LifePack technology.

If you want a filter that is going to cost you less per gallon than any other type of small emergency water system, you can try a Katadyn Pocket Filter. Designed by a company that has been producing water filtration equipment for more than 65 years, the pocket filter is one of the best you can buy. No chemicals are used to rid water of bacteria and protozoa, and the device can sit on your shelf for years without becoming less effective. You can buy replacement filters for the system and by changing the filters as necessary, you will be able to treat as much as 13,000 gallons of water over the lifetime of the filter.

Still haven't found emergency water treatments that you think would be right for your family? There are still a lot of options for you to try. Maybe you would prefer to buy a filtered water bottle for each member of your family. For example, Katadyn makes the Exstream Purifier bottle which contains its own water filter. All you have to do is fill the bottle, and bacteria, protozoa, and viruses will be filtered away leaving you clean, safe water to drink. Not only that, but the Purifier also makes the water taste better.

No one wants to think about emergencies happening to their family, but the possibility is one of the realities of life, and it's best to be prepared. Ask anyone who has been through a disaster, and they're sure to tell you that one of the most pressing needs they had was fresh water. Taking a few easy steps now to buy some type of emergency water filter can mean a world of difference if the what-if becomes a reality.

Personal emergency water filtration


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